01 July 2012


The steamy skies finally broke and we were surprised by a brief downpour this evening.  It didn't last, but some relief from the brittle heat is welcome.  The fire station on Plainview has a blinking sign posted that has Macauley disheartened:  "Firework [sic] not advised.  Extreme fire danger."  Not sure if tonight's showers (there is a slight chance for rain again tomorrow and Tuesday) will make for a safer holiday, one where Macauley can set off all sorts of explosives he's been thinking about for weeks, but we'll take it.

We had a nice day at the lake yesterday with Lindsay and Tyson and spent much of today holed up in the house where it's cool and comfy.  I finished a book and started another.  Made potato soup. We watched This Means War.  Heading to bed with thunder rumbling outside is wonderful...

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