20 July 2012

Double (not trouble)

Macauley and I are just home from Salem and our visit with Molly and her 10 week old twin boys, James Benton (being fed by Macauley) and Judson Todd (in baby burrito mode). Plus her adorable old kitty Trixie--I have always loved that face.  The boys are wonderful and Macauley and I both enjoyed helping Molly the best we could for a couple of days.  We watched them while Molly went to the dentist today and they were so, so sweet.  Feeding two babies at the same time is a bit stressful--making the bottles (with different formula and one with medicine), getting each situated, facilitating burps, and so on.  Molly is a supermom doing it on her own and I'm so proud for her and her beautiful babies.


Macauley and I got out this afternoon and went to two antique stores in Salem.  I bought the little creamer and platter at a strange place with all sorts of wonderful things.  The prices were both high and cryptic, written in code on the tags so that you had to ask the older man in charge to have a look and tell you what he'd take for things.  Awkward.  I don't think he really wanted to part with most of stuff so he priced it through the roof.  His prerogative, of course.  :)

Trixie's adorable paws
So we're home now and ready to settle in for one of the few weekends left before school starts.  I can still smell "baby" on my shirt.  Isn't that a wonderful smell?

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