14 July 2012

Swim to the end

We made it through our first swim season!  Our first anything season actually.  Macauley swam in the Champions Meet at my alma mater Drury on Thursday.  We were there for almost five hours, camped out in grass, which was just slightly cooler than inside the steamy pool area.  Being there on campus brought back a lot of memories.  I so enjoyed my time at Drury and would go back in a heartbeat.
We browsed the FSC during one of the breaks.  I showed Macauley the Commons where Ryan and I used to eat, the bookstore downstairs.  We walked by the sorority building where I went to meetings.  I am a P!  I am a P-I!  I am a P-I-B-E-T-A-P-H-I! :)  Good times.
Friday morning was our last practice.  They took a team picture, played games and had pizza and Andy's.  Doing this has been a good experience for us, and I hope Macauley will do this same team next summer.  Maybe do a Y team during the school year.  He's said he wants to go to Drury someday, just like his mom and dad.  That would make me happy.  Maybe he'll be a Panther swimmer!

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