06 July 2012

dog day{s} of summer

With a predicted high of 102 degrees today, there really isn't much more to do than hole up in the cool and clean living room with my sweet d-a-w-g and wait it out...Read magazines, watch old 90210, peruse Pinterest. We ran a few errands after swim practice this morning (I picked up a $170 check from my little booth!) and then Macauley made $40 from his Power Wheels Ford F-150 we sold through craigslist this afternoon.  A bit sad to see it go... Tomorrow I get to have lunch with my friends Barb and Janice and then my parents will be here for a short overnight visit.  Rain and slightly cooler temperatures are supposedly in the forecast for the weekend.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Until then, you know where to find me and Booker T.

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