11 July 2012

Already {fall}ing

We made a quick stop by Hobby Lobby on the way home from Swim Team this morning (I've been revving up to do some scrapbooking) and the graphics on these pieces caught my eye.  The workers were busy already stocking the shelves with fall decor--acorns of all types and some burlap ribbon I really liked--and even Christmas ornaments.  

I bought this sweet little Dundee jar from etsy and it arrived cracked in half today.  Boo.  The seller said he'd send me another one.  I glued this one and plan to keep it either way because the graphics are different than the other one I already have.  Guess I'll have a set of three!


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maryboys said...

hi, hayley:) i hope you're loving your summer...hot though it is, right?!? thanks for sharing the pics from HL - love these!



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