15 December 2009

Book box

Just a quick post to show you the box I made (quickly) tonight. We're having a faculty Christmas breakfast in the morning at school, and this year the challenge was to bring a creatively wrapped book to exchange. Art students will judge and a prize will be given for the "best" wrappings. I decoupaged an old game box with book pages then layered some folded and rolled pieces to create a nest/bow to nestle the $1 glitter bird into. I wanted to spell PEACE but lacked an E in my glitter letters, so I went with another of my favorite words: READ. I'll be putting The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks inside. He hasn't always been my favorite, but the book looked pretty good and I thought it would appeal to a wide variety of readers. I'm reading his Dear John right now. I would have liked to have spent more time on the wrapping, but I like this pretty little box and I hope whoever gets it in the exchange does too. We'll see what those art students think...

Edited to add: The art students gave 3 prizes: Most Creative (which went to a book wrapped up in a diaper and baby blanket and a Santa baby head), Just Because (which went to a book wrapped in recycled materials including a Starry Night postcard) and Most Beautiful (which went to my bird box!). I won a lottery scratcher ticket that was worth absolutely nothing. But I got lots of compliments on the box and the lady who took it in the exchange really loved it.


Kelly said...

I love the box. Words are my game as an English teacher and I would love to receive something wrapped so wonderfully. Mr. Sparks spoke at the last conference I attended and I was surprised that all of his stories are inspired by real people and real situations attached to his life...The Notebook is about his wife's grandparents. He is a wonderful public speaker and I will be reading more of him now that I have seen the man behind the words. Let us know how you like Dear John. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Aunt Karen said...

I think you're going to win. It looks great!

Karee said...

That box looks amazing! You said that you did that quickly? Wow!


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