28 December 2009

Family: Christmas Day

After enjoying a lazy morning at home and all the gifts Santa showered us with, we headed to Rogers for Christmas with my family at my mom and dad's house. The roads got yuckier the farther south we went, but we all made it okay. My parents live in and run a summer camp, so the cabin/lodge decor is a perfect fit.

While my mother prepared a huge dinner (with a little help from my sisters and me), Macauley entertained himself and everyone else by going through an entire notepad making signs and menus and all sorts of other things.

We didn't get to gifts until after 8 pm--it was fun to really stretch out the holiday.

My youngest sister Lane is now dating Derek, a good friend of mine and fraternity brother of Ryan's who we've both know for over 15 years. Now he's part of the fam. So is his little dog Cricket, nestled in beside him.

We had four dogs in the house, including our Booker, Lane's black pug Chuck and Lindsay's fawn pug Meena.

My mother wrapped her gifts in red houndstooth paper this year, with little individually-pieced holly leaves and berries on top of a craft paper band. Lovely.

Lane knew I would love this glitter H tag enough to put it up somewhere year-round. We all spoiled each other with presents and just enjoyed hanging around together.

All hearts come home for Christmas...

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