16 December 2009

Snug as bugs

Our outdoor kitty Maya Angleou has been taking refuge from the cold inside most nights lately, often in Macauley's bed. Tonight, Macauley positioned himself on the edge of the bed so as not to disturb her and so she wouldn't leave his room. Isn't it funny how we do that to accomodate pets? It's just so comforting for some reason to have an animal decide to snuggle with you, especially a fickle cat.

Macauley hasn't needed a night light since we put up the little tree on the window seat in his room. It only has a few ornaments, but the lights look pretty from outside the house.


Kelly said...

So sweet. Tell him I have a tree night light too! I love it. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Christy said...

I love all of the vignettes in the dining room hutch. So fun to look at all of your treasures. I love the plaid wrapping paper too, where did you find it? Thanks for sharing, christy : )


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