25 December 2009


Santa found us...and boy was Macauley lucky. He got several accessories for the Wii, a Matchbox car garage and vehicles, several books, an alligator stapler for crafting, a Webkinz pug (already originally named Puggy), Spongebob walkie talkies, dominoes and candy, more Zhu Zhu hamsters and pieces to go with the huge set Ryan's parents gave him last night, and the Littlest Pet Shop adoption center with several pets. The LPS stuff topped his list this year, even if the items are heavily pink. I really wish LPS would market their toys in a more gender-neutral way, because I think lots of boys love them and want to take care of animals.

We were up really late last night. Ryan's whole family came over around 6 and stayed several hours. Everyone liked the house and seemed to have a great time. After cleanup from that and Santa duty, it was 1 am or so before we got in bed. Macauley was up at 8:10 am. We've had a leisurely morning here at home and are having a somewhat white Christmas. We didn't get the predicted 5 to 6 inches (maybe 1 or 2), so our drive to Rogers in a bit will be easier. We've still got all sorts of Christmas to do with my family!

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