21 December 2009

For my Aunt Karen, in faraway FL

Hi Aunt Karen! We really missed you and yours at the family gathering in Muskogee this weekend. I took a bunch of pictures while I was there, thinking I would post them here for you to see everyone. We all met at Hamlin's around noon. We were missing you all, Jere and Mikla, Lane and Jeffrey and Jennifer, but we still took up half the place. All the kids were friendly and fairly well-behaved and the food (3 with 1 of course for me) was still good, especially the white dip. I personally remember their rice being creamier and sweeter in the past, and there was something about the booths and the ambience at the old place that will always remind me of family.

No doubt about it, Baby Gray totally stole the show this year. I'm not saying this just because she's family: she is the most beautiful baby. And so good. She got passed from person to person all day, everyone wanting a little snuggle, and didn't fuss a bit. And our Ryan is so good with her.

Nanny was quiet but seemed happy and with it. Ryan, Macauley, my dad and I had quite the adventure going over to Lorene's apartment to set up her new microwave after lunch...I'm sure you can imagine.

I'm not sure how you spell Jeffrey's little girl's name, Cayleigh I think, but she came with Gene Allen and Phyllis, who kept trying to get her to be still, but I can understand her need to twirl and swish in a cute little dress like that.

Ever since we visited them in Dallas over the summer, Macauley considers himself pretty tight with Ryan and Melissa.

Ashlyn was also super-friendly and kept telling me, "Duh!" about just about everything.

Debbie is flourishing as "Mimi." She gave Gray the cutest little Baby's 1st Christmas sleeper.

After lunch we went out to Debbie's (Nanny settled into her traditional spot) for dessert and a few gifts, nothing like we used to do. I gave Nanny some chocolate and word search books, and since they're her fave, I played off that a bit and made her a word search card for the gift. I'm not sure she noticed, but oh well. She really did seem happy and content and that made me glad.

Lindsay held Gray for the longest time and everyone kept asking her when she was going to add "one of those" to the family.

I'm really glad we went and that everyone got together. It had been a while. My mother mentioned your idea of getting everyone together this summer for Nanny's birthday and I think that's a great plan. It would be nice if we could all meet somewhere and stay for a couple of days and just hang out and catch up. My boys and I would love to visit Florida sometime soon, too, or have you all come way up north to MO. We missed you all! Please wish the boys a Merry Christmas for us...love you!

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Aunt Karen said...

Hayley, I can't thank you enough for my special post. I'm crying. It did my heart such good! You all are so dear to me. I miss you more than words can express. We must get together next summer!
Merry Christmas to you all!!
I love you,


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