28 December 2009

Christmas crafts galore

Macauley's backpack was full of all sorts of Christmas crafts when he came home on the last day of school before our break...all very charming.

The decorated gift bag was for Ryan and me, with the little Christmas tree ornament inside. He made the other 2 ornaments during his class party.

The tree was a homework project that we (I) did a few weeks ago. I kind of wish he'd come home with the letter weeks before, before Santa had done all his shopping, but I still love it, especially the "(please set the time)."

At the class party, all the kids had responses to their letters from Santa's elves (Kickapoo students) on their desks. Macauley's friend Trevor was showing his mother his elf letter and Macauley leaned over and whispered to me, "I don't think those are really from elves, do you?" I asked him why he thought that and he whispered, "Because I saw one of the elves delivering the pack of letters and I saw her face and--no pointed ears." I just nodded and Macauley shrugged his shoulders and said, "But I know she was just trying to spread the Christmas joy!"

Even though we were in a hurry to load up Booker and take him to stay with Ryan's parents in Bolivar while we went to Oklahoma last weekend, Macauley insisted on spreading some of his own Christmas joy by making a card for Michael and Linda. We ended up being really late, and unbeknownst to me my iphone wasn't working, and everyone was really worried about Macauley and me. Ryan had misunderstood me and told his mother we'd be in Bolivar by 4:30. We didn't even leave the house until after then and got to Bolivar around 6. Michael had headed towards Springfield with his police scanner looking for us and Ryan had called and texted several times. I felt so bad. But we were fine. And Grandma and Grandpa got a sweet card out of the whole deal.

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