18 August 2010

Best concert ever

The girls and I had a great trip to see Jack in Kansas City this week. He put on such a great show and the place was packed. This car was in the parking lot of our hotel. We honked every time we drove by it.

Jack sang several songs with Paula Fuga. Such an amazing voice...

The opening acts were ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) and G-Love, who Gina mistakenly identified as Glove, a joke that ran through the night. She bought one of his CDs.

We got there early and landed excellent seats, but I still couldn't get any good pictures with my little camera. Our view was perfect though. Jack played for hours, it seemed, just one song right into the next, then did a four-song encore with just his acoustic guitar and a finale song with Paula, ALO and G-love.

We just sat in the parking lot after the show and waited for the cars to clear out. That took quite a while. Then we gorged on a late breakfast at Waffle House near our hotel, the only restaurant around. You can imagine how swamped they were. Our poor waitress was struggling. We all bought the same concert T and wore them to bed that night. Silly girls. We sure did also all wear them home the next day, too...

We made a sampling/shopping stop at Osceloa Cheese on the way home. In all these years of living nearby, I'd never been. The concert was just so good and the trip was a lot of fun...the words to describe it all aren't coming to me now, but I'm so glad I went. I'll be back at work this afternoon, preparing to start a new school year, but I still have thoughts swirling about what I heard and saw at the show...

And all of these moments
just might find their way into my dreams tonight
but I know that they'll be gone
with the morning light sings
and brings new things.
But tomorrow night you see
that they'll be gone too,
too many things I have to do.
But if all of these dreams might find their way
into my day to day scene
I'll be under the impression
I was somewhere in between,
with only two,
just me and you,
not so many things we got to do
or places we got to be...


Aunt Karen said...

Looks like a fun time. Are you back in school yet? The schools in Tallahassee just started this week. I was tempted to buy school supplies. Now, if cooler weather would come our way, I would have a full case of fall fever!

Linda Gilliam said...

Jonathan and Tara were at that concert too, they said it ROCKED!
Looks like McCauley is all ready for school...


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