05 August 2010

Gone Gaga

We survived and enjoyed our trip to KC to see Lady Gaga at the Sprint Center Tuesday night. Lindsay, her friend Amber and I drove up to Lane's house Monday night. She and Derek have their yard looking so nice. We went to dinner in Overland Park at the 75th Street Brewery, and despite our somewhat confused server, we had a great meal of white bean hummus, spinach dip, and a bleu cheese steak sandwich with risotto and mashed potatoes. We spent Tuesday at the Plaza, a place I love to shop, but we didn't find too much. The concert started at 8 that night, and we headed down to the Power & Light District early and had dinner at Gordon Biersch. Also tasty. The concert itself was very exciting and dramatic, just what you'd expect from Gaga. We wished we'd had better seats, since ours were along the side of the stage and all the way at the top of the arena and we couldn't see much detail. Not even a jumbotron or anything. But the music was fun and Lady Gaga put on a good show. Our tickets said "no cameras" so I didn't take mine in but then I saw tons of flashes going off everywhere. No fair. I didn't end up taking many pictures at all on this trip for whatever reason.

We had some delicious Mexican food at Lane's favorite place the following day then hit HomeGoods in Olathe before heading back to Springfield. We so need one of those here. I dozed off in the car on the way home and when I woke up we'd missed our exit towards Clinton and had to use our iphones to figure out a way to Highway 13 so we would still go through Bolivar on the way back to pick up Macauley at his grandparents' house. The phone mapped a route but failed to pick up on the fact that the highway we needed was closed for repairs, which led us on a wild goose chase across some beautiful but remote farmland. And again, we came to a bridge that was closed for repairs, forcing us to detour on the fly with no phone service, a detour that came to a dead end. Literally a spot where the pavement just ends in a teensy little town or settlement called Manicou Springs, I think. We had to laugh but we were tired and frustrated. Poor Lindsay was driving her brand new car. So all in all it took us about 5 hours to get home and we had gone a bit gaga ourselves by the end of it all.

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Karee said...

That sounds like quite the trip.. aside from the detour that is. I am about to take the long car ride to Utah. Hope to see you before.


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