14 August 2010


I'm not sure how anything around here is managing to survive, even flourish, through the ridiculously hot days we've been having, but despite my sporadic watering, we've got flowers and plants to greet us if we do brave the front porches.


Debra@Common Ground said...

LOVE your house and front porch, it all looks so welcoming! My plants have about had it. They just can't get enough water, waiting for the break in the weather!!

maryboys said...

hello, hayley:) it's very nice to meet you...i'm wondering how it is that i haven't found your blog previously?! your home is just lovely...i'll be back to look at older posts sometime soon. happy week-end to you, too:)


Polly said...

Hi Hayley! It looks so nice! My in-laws said it has been HOT HOT HOT out your way!

I love the framed ceiling tin tile and how you've used it in an outdoor space!

Stay cool and I hope heading back to work isn't too much of a downer!



Denise said...

Oh your house is so wonderful!! I love all your flowers. We finally got a little break in the heat today.... thanks for your nice comment on my anniversary post...


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