10 August 2010

Make {or break}

Honestly, I didn't really get going today until almost 1 o'clock...just one of those piddly days around the house. We did take Booker for a walk in the woods around 5. And I did take a shower, put on a little makeup and dried my hair after that so when Ryan got home from work I didn't look like I hadn't done a thing all day but lounge in my pajamas (pretty much it). There are still several little organizational projects I wanted to do this summer that haven't happened, but yesterday I wrapped this cute birthday gift for a friend of mine, and I made risotto (my new favorite food) from scratch. I am not gifted in the kitchen, a place my creativity just never shines through, but this one was a small success.

The recipe is from grouprecipes.com and is classified as "easy." I could have used a few more explanatory details in the step-by-step (I had to look up how to "crush" garlic on the internet), but I managed... http://www.grouprecipes.com/4108/bacon-mushroom-risotto.html

I also managed to scrapbook a little today. Not my best work, but I did 5 layouts and weeded out some pictures I don't think I want to work on.

Ryan worked really late and called to say he'd had a really stressful day, so I decided to make a cheesecake (this one from a box). In my cleanup, I bumped the edge of our favorite mixing bowl on the edge of the counter as I was putting it in the dishwasher and totally cracked it beyond repair. I'm so bummed because this bowl belonged to Ryan's grandmother Jinx, who passed away a year or so before I met Ryan and was a huge part of his life. I am told she was extremely glamorous and spoiled her grandkids rotten. Ryan's Pop let me take a few things from their house several years ago, and we've thought of Jinx every time we've used this handy bowl since. I felt terrible telling Ryan I'd broken it. All for a silly cheesecake from a box...

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Aunt Karen said...

Risotto has recently become one of my new favorite foods too. I make a yummy recipe with veggies - spinach, asparagus, onion and green peas. It has become our favorite company-for-dinner dish this summer. Love you!


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