10 August 2010

Second supply

We're enjoying our last real week of summer vacation, doing a little of this and that and mostly nothing. I start work next Wednesday and Macauley will stay with my parents then be back in time for the first day of school on Tuesday, 24 August. We went Sunday evening to buy school supplies only to find that everything was already totally picked over. And I thought we were right on schedule if not early! I resisted all the great 25 cent deals on things I could use in my own classroom for the last month or so thinking purchasing school supplies would force me to face going back to work and now there's nothing left. Oh well. We couldn't find much of anything we needed at Target so we braved Walmart, along with lots of other families with the same idea. We ended up with everything on the list except the elusive Magic Rub Erasers, which we even tried to track down at Staples...guess we'll try Office Depot or maybe IPA.

We're hoping Macauley gets selected for KUBS (Kids Using the Buddy System), a combined 2nd and 3rd grade class that provides lots of hands-on learning while still upholding fairly rigorous academic expectations. I have no idea how the kids are selected for the program, and we won't know until the class lists are posted on Friday the 20th, but we went ahead and shopped for the KUBS list, which varied only slightly from the regular 2nd grade list. We can make some swaps later if necessary, and we've already decided if he doesn't get into KUBS, it's not a big deal.

1 bottle of white glue, 4 oz.

4 invisible tapes with dispenser
4 dozen #2 pencils
1 set of colored pencils
2 containers of antibacterial wipes
2 folders
1 spiral notebook, 70 ct.
1 scissor, 5" pointed tip
1 box of Kleenex
1 box of 48 crayons
4 Magic Rub erasers
2 glue sticks

He also picked out a new backpack and a lunchbox, even though he usually eats school lunch. We'll both be in for a rude awakening, literally, when we have to start getting up so much earlier in just a couple of weeks...we've so enjoyed the lazy pace of summer. But 2nd grade (and my 7th year of teaching high school!) here we come...


Lisa said...

I hear you did shopping for 3 nephews! Way too much! And most was $0.25 The kindergartner needs 40 glue sticks???? Yes that is right! What are they doing all day?? Anyway we got packs and loads of cheap to get them through!
Hugs, Lisa

trash talk said...

Have you picked out y'alls first back to school day outfit yet? I loved that growing up.
I can't believe how much school supplies are needed now. What happened to crayolas, glue, scissors, paper, pencils and a notebook?
P.S. Love the header photo!
P.P.S. I bet you can find the magic erasers at the grocers in the cleaning aisle.

MickeyMFan said...

I bought a few school supplies a couple of weeks ago since I try to avoid the crowds during no-tax weekend. We start back tomorrow for a week of meetings and work time, but the kids don't come back until next Wednesday. I am SO not looking forward to my first early morning tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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