10 August 2010

Booth move

I got the chance last week to move into a new booth closer to the front at the flea market, so Macauley and I took advantage of one slightly cooler day on Thursday to make some changes to the new space, which is just a smidge bigger than my old booth. We had to fuel up at our new favorite, Which Wich--I am addicted to their egg salad sandwich this summer.

We cleaned and painted the wall and floor that first day, and I put up some burlap. The space already had one wall of plain beadboard. Macauley was insistent on taping off the booth while we left to let the paint dry.

We went back the next morning and loaded the new space, with mostly new things I had gathered, but some of the stuff from the old booth, too. I'm already feeling like when school starts next week I won't have the energy to keep everything fresh, but for now, I'm happy with what's there and glad for the fresh start. I keep the booth mostly as a hobby and use the profits for extra shopping money rather than my livelihood. I really enjoy it and always wonder what it would be like to buy/sell junk for my real job.

The booth is still #222 (I made a new sign), but is now located just inside the entrance of STD Central, the second booth on the left. There's no AC at the flea market, so you've got to really want to junk to wander through the aisles right now. My booth is next to a window/door opening, so that helps, but it's a sweaty business right now. Still lots of good junk to be found!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Hayley, it looks wonderful!! Can't wait to get in there to check it out. Glad you're close to the front, maybe a little breeze blowin' in that area!
LOVE that door!!!

Polly said...

Hey Hayley! Looks good! I sooooo have to visit your booth next time were in Missouri visiting the in-laws! We don't make it too often because I take care of my mom who is disabled and I can't leave for extended periods of time.

You have such a great eye for cool stuff! I especially love the metal rack! You are lucky to have a great helper in your boy!!

Have a good week!



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