01 August 2011

Been around the WDWorld and back

(Booker in the guest bed at the Frasers' house in Bolivar last week)

We made it home from our week at Disney yesterday afternoon and have since been recouping and doing piles of laundry and cleaning up all sorts of surprises our old kitties deposited here and there for us, out of loneliness or mutiny, I'm not sure. Ryan is back at work and Macauley and I are soaking up the final weeks of summer. I've got lots of pictures to sort through and some scrapbooking I'd like to do, and I think some back-to-school wardrobe shopping is in order, too. Disney is a lot of work (and it was so, so, so hot) but we saw and did lots of fun things and we'll have a lot of great memories from our big trip. For now, though, home feels super sweet.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. Wonderful memories you have made! So fun coming home to kitty surprises, LOL! xoxo Debra

Basket of Hydrangeas said...

Welcome back home! Hope that you and your family found Disney to be "magical".



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