06 August 2011

Great value to boot{s}

No, I am not one of those extreme couponers. I never remember to use coupons. I am not even that much of a value shopper, but my little boy has acquired a curious attachment to store brands. As he explained, "Why spend more when you can save and get something just as good?" I believe it began with his purchase a few weeks back of a box of Cocoa Cool cereal, Walmart's knock-off of Cocoa Puffs. Then he chose Best Choice cream soda to take to the lake with Lindsay and Tyson. After being gone to Florida, we had to restock most of our groceries early last week, and he talked me into all of these value alternatives for items on our list. I think it's a funny fixation and I'm horrible at telling him no at the grocery store (and lots of other places actually). Once when he was still pretty little, in the car with my mom and dad, he asked (conjuring a familiar TV ad campaign), "Nana, don't you like to save more and live better?"

Rather than bargains, I've had boots on the brain despite it being so hot outside it's hard to imagine temps that would call for such. I like these by Frye. The ones below are taller, over the knee, and from the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

What got me thinking were these I saw at Marshall's the other day, more of a value price I suppose. But do I want to save more or live in better boots? For now, I'll just let it simmer. Boot season is still a ways off.

I've been loving this sweet (bargain!) bracelet I bought on etsy, echoing my favorite Beatles song and some lyrics to live by. To value. Greatly.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Boot weather cannot get here fast enough for me!!!! Hope you're enjoying your last few weeks before school, xoxo Debra

Anonymous said...

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