08 August 2011

Premiere party

Phineas and Ferb is one of Macauley's favorite shows right now, and meeting them at Disney's Hollywood Studios was probably more important than tracking down the famous mouse or any other characters there. We stood in line for quite a while for this meet and greet and it was worth it. Perry the Platypus was only a cutout that kept popping up from behind the fence, but we found a stuffed version (that makes a platypus sound when you squeeze its front paw) to take home as a souvenir.

We decided to celebrate the world premiere of the duo's new movie on Disney Channel this past Friday evening with some themed food (pictured sideways below?) and serving ware and a little family time in front of the big screen. It's fun to make a big deal of the little things...

We also celebrated my middle sister Lindsay's graduation on Friday. My mom got to sneak away from camp to attend the ceremony at MSU where Linds was hooded as a Master of Science in Education Administration. Now she can be a principal and maybe she'll be my boss one day!

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