17 August 2011

Birthday grrrl

My funny old gray kitty Allie turns 15 today. I still remember the night, that first summer Ryan and I were dating, when we returned to my parents' house in Cassville after our family trip to Minnesota and found a batch of newborn kittens under their deck. Ryan reached in and scooped each one out and a couple of months later we drove back and chose this one for our very own. I felt terrible about taking her from her mom and family then, but we're all the family she's ever known I guess. She's been with us almost as long as we've been with each other. She's always preferred Ryan but she's become increasingly cuddly in her old age and often sleeps on my shoulder at night, with her paws on my neck. She used to be more rotund, more vibrant, more fiesty, but she's still very vocal and Macauley and I love to imitate her meows, with are really r-ows. She's down well below 10 pounds now and almost feels like a whisper of what she once was when I pick her up, like a frail, elderly lady. According to the catcalculator and the catster site, our girl is 77 in human years, and you really can feel it in her bones. We'll wait to officially celebrate when Macauley gets back from camp but I'm thinking of our old gray girl tonight and how she's been with us from the very start.

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Marci said...

well i am so glad that i could make ya feel a little better on an evening when you needed it!
we have an old girl too...it's hard watching them get older. isn't it amazing that an animal can become such a part of our families?


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