15 August 2011


I haven't tried Pinterest yet, but when or if I do these images from the recent Pottery Barn catalogue would make my boards. Just things I like...

The adorable wire task lamp is from Pottery Barn Teen and I'd rather have it on my desk than pinned on a virtual inspiration board. It's on sale and my birthday is in only a couple of weeks, Ryan...wink.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Pinterest is really a wonderful tool, Hayley. I was always saving photos into my file, but it was disorganized and I had no idea where the image came from. Pinterest is so easy to use, you'll love it!

Marci said...

first of all, this is going to sound weird because you don't know me from adam, but you are just beautiful!

pinterest is the best idea board tool ever! i don't really surf around on it but i love to have somewhere to put all of those 'ideas' you see all over this great land of the www!


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