13 August 2008

A couple more projects

I made this little altered art box this afternoon to put in my booth. I saw the image on the front of the Drury magazine and liked it. Decoupaged it to an old Scrabble Cubes game box and added some embellishments.

I also re-painted this black nightstand and put it in Macauley's room. It goes with the bedroom set Ryan and I bought when we first got married. It was light pine and has been black, then blue, then white now back to black. The match is in the guest room. I got the big TOYS sign at a flea market a couple of years ago. The bed was Ryan's when he was a little boy. I painted it a weathered red at a "farm finish" painting class at Seminole Paint just after Macauley turned 2 and was ready for a big boy bed.

When Ryan got home, we took Booker and a Sonic picnic to Sequiota Park. The boys played while Booker and I walked the Greenways trail. We came back with one of our boys covered in dirt and the other one just dog-tired.

Tomorrow is pretty much the last day of summer for Macauley and me. He is leaving Friday to go camping with Ryan's parents again, and I have to work next week, so tomorrow we are going out with a bang. We're taking our little friend Ellie Swan (the oldest daughter of our good friends from Drury, Chris and Jen Swan) to White Water for the day. Should be fun.

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Joanna said...

I like your little decoupaged box. It looks very cute. xoxo, Joanna


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