12 August 2008

Magic School Bus

Ryan brought home this school bus "tent" as a surprise for Macauley last night, and I've hardly been able to get him out of it since. He's been pretending that it's his camper and all of his stuffed animal "kids" are camping in it with him. Dad made a great pick!

I am so excited that I got him enrolled at Wanda Gray Elementary today, a really good school with a brand new, bright and colorful kindergarten wing that is fabulous. I did this in hopes that the deal on the new house will get worked out this week...if it doesn't, hmmmm...not sure where that will leave us. I so want him to be a Wanda Gray Wildcat!

We've kind of just been bumming around the house other than that today. I am working on a couple of projects for my flea market booth but got frustrated when my sewing machine came unthreaded and I couldn't get the bobbin to wind right. I always need my mother when that happens. Macauley needs his mother to just stop what she's doing and play with him more frequently, so I've been trying.

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