23 August 2008

Ready or not...here they come

I finally got my classroom set up and ready to go for school on Monday. I have the same room as last year, the one I painted a shade the kids ended up calling "honey." It's a nice room, pretty large compared to many others in the department. I probably could have stayed another hour Friday and gotten things a little more set up for Monday, as far as what we're actually DOING in this honey-colored room that day, but I went home utterly exhausted. It takes me a while to reaclimate from the lazy days of summer to the days of getting up with the sun and being on stage all day.

The desk is set with a new Vanilla Caramel Yankee Candle and complimentary mints...oh and enough paper clips to last a lifetime.

I am also lucky to have a SMART Board, a projector and great speakers so I can use all sorts of multi-media elements to supplement my lessons. I'll be teaching 2 classes of senior English and 1 section of Creative Writing. Should have great kids, many of whom I already know. That helps.

And I posted some words to live by, both in my classroom and beyond, accompanied by a darling bee I painted myself, which some of my kids last year named McLovin. I can't believe this classroom will be full in just over a day from now...Ready or not, here they come...


MickeyMFan said...

Good luck Haley on your first day! Tell the kids I said hello if I had any of them. My sophomores would be seniors now...my babies...:) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Your classroom is so cute!!! And it looks so warm and inviting:) Good luck tomorrow...especially with taking Macauley to Kindergarten. What a big day!


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