12 August 2008


The weather has been pretty bearable here this week, so I got out this afternoon and evening and finished a couple of projects for my booth that have been gathering dust in my garage. I painted the chair and distressed it a little, then put on the seat cover that I've had in my basket of fabric for years. I sewed some ties for it but the machine messed up on the last one and I got to looking at it and realized I could make it work without them. Pretty cottage, I think.

I've been working on this hutch I bought at the thrift store off and on for several weeks. I ended up distressing the bottom much more than I planned but it looks kind of neat. I took this picture before I finished matching the top to the base, which wasn't working very well. I think I used two different paints. So I took my garden spade to the top and beat it up. I'll take another picture of the final product when I put it in my booth on Friday.

A teacher I work with asked me at the end of the school year to arrange some of her grandfather's military memorabilia in a shadow box for her over the summer. I haven't ever done a shadow box before, but she said she wanted to keep it simple. This is my first draft. I haven't pinned anything down. I sent her some pictures for feedback before I made it permanent. I wanted to put an old flag in there somehow, but what I had took up more room than I thought it would. I'm trying to think of some other things to make or dig up to put in my booth. We'll see what I can come up with.


Joanna said...

Pretty neat. Your chair looks very cute. I am sure you will sell it quickly.

I am always nervous about painting furniture. I do ok with spray paint, but I still need some work with distressing.

Shannon-m said...

Love the chair and the hutch.
I thought of you when I saw a mini flag at the thrift store this weekend!


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