23 August 2008

The kindergarten 'do

We let Macauley's hair grow out all summer, and everyone we know has said they like his hair long, but it had to be cleaned up a little for the start of school. So we went to Mojo Pie Spalon and my stylist Nikki, who has done my hair for about 4 or 5 years now, I think. It's still a little longer. My dad said he calls Macauley's blonde locks "Robert Redford hair," and I can kind of see why. I, of course, think he has many movie star qualities. He is so excited for the start of kindergarten. He keeps asking me when Monday is. I filled out some more paperwork the teacher sent home with us Friday and packed his backpack with those, his lunch money check ($41.00 for a month of lunches) and his daily milk money (40 cents per day) packed in one of those day-by-day plastic pill boxes as the teacher suggested. One of the questions on his kindergarten questionnaire was: "Each child is unique. What are 3 things that make your child special?" I had lots of answers but settled on: #1 Macauley has an excellent memory. #2 He loves his stuffed animals and SpongeBob #3 He is tender-hearted and friendly and kind. I wanted to add HE CAN READ! and HE IS THE MOST HANDSOME BOY ON EARTH! and HE IS HILARIOUS! and HE HAS A SUPERIOR VOCABULARY! and HE HAS AN ADORABLE WARDROBE! but I think I already told his teacher some of that on Friday and I don't want to be a psycho mom.

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