07 August 2008

Cute stuff distraction

I could worry more about what I am going to do about the many issues at the new house or how to sell this house in a hurry, or...I could post some pictures of all the cute little stuff in my shadowboxes! Which sounds more productive to you?

I got the Scrabble cubes at the thrift store not too long ago and had just enough to spell out 3 good words: luck, family, nest...all of which are actually related to what I am needing and worrying about right now, but I'm trying not think about that...The little tray is a souvenir I bought at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The little glass tray holds itty bitty silverware. And the owl..don't know why I got that but I did and it's cute.

Got the printer's blocks in Minnesota with Shannon and the little silver dog, which I embellished with a ribbon, in Billings with my mom.

More cute little itty bitty silver pieces...and I love the big thimble that I got at the Seedbox that says "Just a Thimble Full." Of what I wonder?

This printer's tray shadowbox was my mother's and I remember it hanging in our houses growing up. She gave me a few of the little pieces with it, but most I've picked up here and there. We found all the wooden letter pieces in an anagram game at a flea market in downtown Springfield.

There. I feel much better. Remembering all the cute stuff that makes me smile and ignoring the knot of stress and tension that has taken hold of my neck. Many of you who know me well know I don't stress like this too often. I'm usually a laid-back, take it in stride kind of girl. She's still in there somewhere, I think. XOXO

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