21 August 2008

Ready to roll

We get to meet Macauley's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bryant, in the morning at Wanda Gray, and we are to bring his school supplies with us, so we are packed (in an environmentally-friendly, reusable shopping tote!) and ready. We bought all the supplies on the list at Target a few weeks ago, during Missouri's tax-free holiday weekend (no state sales tax on school supplies and clothes for 3 days). Our total was just over $39. The list was quite extensive (I think they compile communal supplies rather than each kid having his/her own stash?):

Please place your child’s name on coats/outerwear, backpacks and folders.

Large pencil pouch with zipper

3 pkgs of No. 2 lead pencils (sharpened)

4 boxes of Crayola brand crayons – 24 size only

Fiskar brand blunt point scissors

15 glue sticks

1 bottle white school glue

2 sturdy pocket folders

1 box colored pencils

1 box washable markers

1 pkg white board markers – low odor Expo brand

2 boxes of tissue

1 bottle waterless hand sanitizer

1 pkg Clorox wipes

1 box of white envelopes to keep at home - Please use every time you send money to school. Always write your child’s name, amount, and purpose on the envelope.
If your last name begins with:A - L – 1 box of quart size Ziplock bags with zipper topM - Z – 1 box of gallon size Ziplock bags with zipper top
For additional items requested, Please look for your teacher’s wish list at our Meet the Teacher event in August.

Macauley was pretty revved up when we shopped for the supplies, and we were careful to get the exact items the list specified. The 2-pack glue sticks triggered a mini-meltdown for Macauley, since we only needed 15...we couldn't possibly get 16. So we had to put one of the 2-packs back and get just one single stick, the only one we could find being the JUMBO stick. Hope the teacher can find a use for that one.

His pencil pouch came with a bonus sharpener, so he tried it out for a while before bed tonight. I can't believe we are doing this...I went by Wanda Gray at 4 today when they posted the class lists on the front doors to make sure Macauley's name was there and that he had a spot. Lots of parents and kids were excitedly looking around. I found his name, spoke with a couple of parents briefly and then promptly burst into tears as I walked back to my car. I am so pleased that he will go to such a great school ( http://sps.k12.mo.us/gray/index.htm ) and he is willing and ready. I just can't get used to my baby being so grown up.


Joanna said...

I remember when I brought my daughter home from the hospital for the 1st time. I was upset because she was released before her twin brother. Anyhow, they let us go in the afternoon, by the time we go to our neighborhood, school was being released. I suddenly burst into tears & my husband thought something was wrong with the baby. He started to pull the car over & I was crying so hard I could barely say anything... I sat there & cried & said, "I don't want her to go to school, I don't think I'll be ready!" My DH kinda laughed & said, "Honey, you have 5 years!". Now, they are going into the 7th grade. :( xoxo, Joanna

Shirley said...

Really a nice school supplies shopping. Thanks for sharing.

Rambling Girl said...

Oh boy lots of goodies to take to school. My little will not go till next year but she wanted to buy some school supplies so we bought a few things just to get her into the spirit. Guess it doesn't hurt to start a year earlier...hehehe...time flies so it will be here soon enough...believe me my oldest is 28 and I can't believe how fast she has made me gotten older...


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