08 August 2008

Even more distracted

The saga continues on the dream house...we weren't comfortable with going ahead with the purchase without some help from the seller on the number of unfinished issues we discovered, so after he rejected our request for less money and more time, we backed out of the contract. I felt on the verge of tears all day and Ryan kept calling to say he was sick about it, too. So what do I do when I get down? Shop, of course. Actually, Macauley and I had to go to STD to pay my booth rent and pick up my check and that's what started it all. I am happy to report that my check from my booth for the last 3 weeks was...you won't believe it....$359! My dinky little $40 a month booth! The manager, Mike, said he'd never seen anything like it. Wow. So I blew $6 there on some chippy white spindles to put in this urn I have by my fireplace. Then Shannon called (while waiting in a chaotic line to see New Kids on the Block at the Mall of America) and reminded me that she still wanted me to check on a duvet cover we saw in Ozark months ago, so Macauley and I headed down to Riverview. The whole place had a freshened up look and I saw several things I liked, including the green bench and shelf above, and this black wicker bench below that is only $35. I might have to go back and get that Sunday...

We were also happy to see Brian from The Seedbox there loading up his two booths. We caught up with him and told him we missed seeing Meloney and Ruby and him at their old store. He had a bunch of clocks and a great black mannequin.

Ruby is the cute little dog that Macauley has always liked to visit...she was helping her dad move furniture around, I guess...

So I came home with the spindles, Shannon's duvet (I love that pattern--it's Ralph Lauren, but which one?) and a chippy black mirror I decided to grab.

Then, when all hope was lost and Macauley and I were moping around Target avoiding reality, our realtor called and said the banker had emailed late in the day and asked for a list of the minimum repairs we would take to make the deal go through! So he is willing to meet us halfway...maybe. Don't know what will happen but I am heartened by that. Wish we didn't have to do another weekend not knowing, but we really need to sell our house to make this whole thing work, so maybe we will get some leads from the open house we're doing Sunday.


Shannon-m said...

Score on the spindles.. love them..
and thanks for picking up the duvet- love it. My bedding obsession continues!

Joanna said...

I love your finds. Hope everything goes well with the house. xoxo, Joanna


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