08 September 2009

Family fun

We went to Branson on Saturday, along with everyone else in the world. Traffic was backed up like I remember it being in the old days, and the Landing was busy but not annoyingly so. Our primary objective was to get Ryan to Waxy O'Shea's for a fix of corned beef and cabbage.

Check. I had a rueben and Mac had fish 'n chips. We all agreed we shouldn't have ordered the fried pickles as an appetizer. Yummy but too filling.

There were lots of extra things going on at the Landing, including several inflatables. With that and being able to step into the As Seen On TV store and buy the elusive Bendaroos from one of the many TV commercials that he's totally sold on, Macauley thought he'd hit the jackpot. Walking from one inflatable to get a Sno Cone, he said, "This day is just really working out for me!"

He even talked me into doing the giant slide with him. At $1 per person for 5 turns, we found it to be quite a value! Totally fun.

We hit the candy store...

I shopped a little while the boys went to the Landing's playground and I saw this shirt...

And last stop: Ronzo the Clown, who made Macauley a fishing pole. We bypassed the traffic and went to the outlet mall for a while then headed home. A productive shopping day for all and lots of bonus spoiling for Macauley.

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common ground said...

What a wonderful day! Where was the picture of YOU going down the slide? huh? LOL I know there were tons of people, but so nice that you made the effort. Absolutely LOVE that T-shirt. so very true.
Glad you made it to Spring Creek. Thanks!


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