27 September 2009

Stars in our eyes

We donned our Niners gear today for the showdown between Ryan's longtime favorite team and the Minnesota Vikings, who have one of our all-time favorite players Brett Favre at the helm these days. Brett pulled off one his trademark last-minute (last second actually) wins, so Ryan was disappointed his team lost but not as much as usual. To prep for the game, Macauley and I went to Walmart, and Macauley put together his own list.

We got several of these items, but not all of them. We were kind of rushing around the store and cut through a middle aisle that had bras and underwear all down one side. Macauley looked at me and shook his head and said seriously, "This is NOT my natural habitat."

Megan came over to play and Booker was up and around like normal. I noticed tonight that he had chewed on his stitches a little and it looks like one or two are missing right at the bottom of his incision. Megan's mom gave me some Neosporin-type medicine that smells really potent that she said her dog hates the smell of, so I'm hoping that slathering that on will repel him from chewing anymore. I can't see us getting the collar back on at this point.

Big project of the day, though, was the poster about himself that Macauley is taking to school with him tomorrow. He is the Star Student in his class this week and had to make a display of things about himself and things he likes. I worked on it for a couple of hours, between sending photos to Walmart, finding images online to represent Macauley's varied interests and then cutting everything out. No idea if the kids are supposed to make it themselves (I don't really see how they could) or what. Ryan said I went overboard, but Macauley seemed proud of it. I think it captures him well.

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common ground said...

Your boys are just so cute. What a real "wit" Mac will be if he could come up with that one at his age!
Hayley, I have an award for you over at my place. I know alot of people appreciate them, but don't always have time to "perpetuate" them, I just wanted to honor you. Thanks for always being a joy to read, and to know!
Blessings, Debra


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