09 September 2009

Wild life

Ryan and I both grew up in the country, but we still get a little excited when wildlife comes knocking at our subdivision back door. Our house backs up to some woods and a creek, and neighbors say they've seen deer, raccoons, foxes and more, but we haven't seen much. On Labor Day though, we were visited by not one but two turtles, found in different areas of the backyard and trail to the woods. We introduced the two and offered them carrots and grapes.

The one I brought up from the trail was totally outgoing when he was flying solo, but he clammed right up when I put him near the other little guy. I didn't realize they could seal up so tightly...

We left the turtles to their snack and headed out for a family bike ride. I haven't been on my bike in a long time, and I hadn't ever really seen Macauley ride for any distance. Cruising along behind him on the Greenway Trail, I just couldn't get over how cute his little legs and feet looked in those Addidas, just pumping away on the pedals. We returned to find the turtles had taken off--together I hope for some reason--without so much as a nibble at the treats we put down for them.

Later that evening, something got hold of our outdoor kitty Maya Angelou and she got a little banged up. So we had the very rare event of Maya settling in for a nap in the house, on the couch. Booker T. hopped up to keep an eye on her while she recouperated. She's got a scrape on her back and a chunk of fur missing above one eye, but she headed back outside soon enough and seems to be okay. So while I do enjoy seeing whatever creatures creep our way, I want them to leave my pretty black kitty alone.

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