27 September 2009


We aren't much into car shows, but we went to the ANPAC Car Show for Kids on Saturday to support Ryan's cousin Larry who was showing his new Lamborghini Diablo. Macauley actually is really interested cars I guess, now that I think about it, so he got a kick out of seeing some of newer ones and getting to hang out with his cousin Georgia.

There were some kids activities set up and a McAlister's sweet tea booth, so Macauley and I hit those while Ryan and his cousin toured the show.

Ryan's favorite was this GTO. Personally, I was drawn to the sweet Delorean...I just knew Michael J. Fox would step out of it any minute in his puffy vest (life preserver) and cram a bunch of vegetables and egg shells in the back then zoom off.

The Lamborghini won the Kids' Pick trophy (all the kids who attended got to vote for a favorite) and Macauley marched right up to the podium with Larry and Georgia to accept the award like he had something to do with it.

The three of us celebrated their big win with dinner at Nakato. It was delicious and I totally overate because Macauley doesn't like the vegetables or salad that comes with his dinner so I eat them all. We don't go there as often as we used to. It just doesn't feel right without Joe there. He was always so gracious to us over the many years we've been going to our favorite place, and I'm still sad and angry and regretful and confused at his untimely passing. I guess I feel like we didn't know him nearly as well as I wish we had now, but he knew us. I wish he was still around.

We came home and Ryan and I watched Adventureland, which was so so. This weekend has somehow seemed to last quite a while, which I've loved and which makes going to work tomorrow that much harder.

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