08 September 2009

Sunset play date

For just about as long as we've lived in our new house (it will be a year next month!) Macauley has asked if I thought his Ford would make it up the hill to his school. So last week, while Ryan was having dinner out with the guys (and since we didn't have homework like other nights--we're doing about 30-45 minutes of 1st grade homework 3 nights a week), Macauley and I took a little mom-son walk/drive to find out.

He drove off into the sunset as I chased along in my flip-flops...

And the answer was, yes, the Ford would make it up the hill, to the school, to the front loop where the kids get dropped off and picked up each day, and on to the playground.

We went on the swings a while, played on the play structure a while, then headed back home by the light of the full moon.

1 comment:

trash talk said...

Don't blink...next time you look up, he'll be asking for the keys to the car. It all goes way too fast!
How's school going anyway? Getting back into the groove of things?


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