21 September 2009

Numbers and letters

I painted the set of mismatched numbers I found at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. For now they're propped along the top of the wainscotting in the foyer, but I think they might look better hung on a wall in less of a lined up row. I'm not sure where though, and I don't want to make that many nail holes until I'm ready for a long-term commitment.

I also tried to make one of the fabulous wreaths I've seen made out of book pages or sheet music and found it to be much harder than I thought. I couldn't figure out how to make the curve, so I ended up stacking and stacking pages and now it's almost square. I'm thinking of layering some other pages rolled a little differently on the top of it all...I wonder what the secret is to these things? I had planned to make two, one for each of the French doors to my office, but this one ended up about twice as big as I thought it would and took way more figuring and fretting than I am willing to put into another one.

I've been trying to warm up the scrapping juices and do some new pages, but the farthest I've gotten to that is a blowout shopping spree at Michael's. I found some inspiring paper pads and a chipboard chunk that should get me started. It's kind of overcast and threatening storms here tonight, so maybe I'll get inspired and do something. Or just head back to the couch and while the evening away. Seems like when school is in that's all my evenings are good for...just resting up for the next day. I haven't had a real zest for my day job these days. My number project totally made me think of counting down the days until summer, which is not encouraging when we're only a month in to the school year. But I'll keep showing up.


MickeyMFan said...

I'm with you on the school thing Hayley. I just cannot get into this year. Like you, I am counting the days already. My classes are good for the most part, but it's like I'm just going through the same motions over and over again. Not sure what's wrong and/or how to get over it. Hopefully, Christmas break will be here soon! :)

maryboys said...

hello, hayley - thanks for your comment over at my place! yes, indeed, we do have much in common:) i look forward to following your blog. oh - and i know that i saw a tutorial for one of these wreaths some time ago...i'll be back with a link if i can find it.

warm regards,


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