27 September 2009

I could junk every day

After the game, I took a few things to my booth (it really is a sad little space right now and I'm wondering if I should just close it out until I can devote more time to finding good stuff for it). As usual, I took a box in and came out with a box of purchases. Just a few little things.

I saw a few other cute things as I browsed that I left behind, including this little dog. I like the box with the photos in the background, too.

I'm sure I could find some use for this chippy recipe box, and I thought the pillow would be cute on my porch bench with some of my Halloween decor when I put it out. Only $2.50.

Ryan has Macauley and Megan convinced there is a wild baboon living in the woods behind our house (Megan always calls it the "bamboo"), and I know he would like one of these masks (also each around $2) to pull off a major scare. I don't know that 2 six-year-olds could recover from such an experience.

I flipped through this book quickly to see who made the list (Helen of Troy is all I remember now). It might also look cute with some Halloween decor with its coloring and quirkiness.

I always stop to look at this huge old photo of some women in a general store. You can enlarge it to see more detail. I think it's really charming and if I had more wall space in my kitchen I think it would be a great piece. I also liked the black scale. I have one, but you know. It is priced much higher than most I see so it must be really special.

An art teacher has the booth these colorful wooden animals were in and I am always drawn to her stuff. I also thought the little Miss Muffett case (only about 7" around, I'd say) would be cute somewhere if I had a more colorful palette around my house.

What did make its way into the box headed to my house: an architectural piece I think I will hang over a door in my dining room, a rusty black owl lantern I will use in a Halloween scheme, a little USA creamer and a metal talc canister that will go in one of my bathrooms.

A diminutive weathered birdcage that I didn't need and don't know where to put yet, two rusty black metal planters, a cracked ironstone mug and a black and white trimmed restaurantware crock that I will also use in some Halloween decor.

It was hot inside STD today with no air-conditioning (and outside at about 86 degrees today), but I had fun looking around. I always do no matter what I find.

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Aunt Karen said...

Wow..you had a busy weekend! Glad to see that Booker is better. The picture with the collar was so sad.He has a really shiny coat. My chocolate lab, Emma, does not shine as well as the black labs do. However, she does look like yummy dark chocolate after a bath and grooming.


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