09 September 2009

Some nesting

Found a few treasures for the nest here lately, including a gigantic dictionary and a cute little nest to put under a cloche or something. I also found a few pieces of ironstone and a cute H cup that I've seen at Anthropologie. And I got the cute little pitcher from the Common Ground booth at Spring Creek!

I like the clock plate to go with some others I use at Christmas, and the egg cup is cute for Easter of course. I really like the brown floral teacups, but they might go to my booth. I'll be keeping the little scotty dog coaster for now.

I'm going to work on these mismatched numbers I found--leave some wood, paint some black and maybe others white, and then set them along the top of some of wainscotting probably. I've been a little more into feathering my wardrobe than my nest right now, but these are a few things I've picked up.


common ground said...

Glad you found the pitcher, and I'm loving the brown transferware cups and saucers. Numbers on your wainscoting will be so cool. love that idea!

Margo said...

Love your ironstone displays. Very inspiring.
I used to have one of those clock plates too. I love clocks.


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