08 July 2010

Bits and pieces

Lane and I did a little shopping while she was here and I found this great pair of lamps for my bedroom at TJMaxx. I'd like to make a lot of changes in that room (perhaps beginning with some new bedding from Curious Sofa?) but don't know when I will get to it. I'm liking the small change these lamps made, though.

I've been in kind of a boho phase this summer, but I've also noticed that even when it comes to clothes, I'm drawn to the same neutrals I've been filling my house with. I love the combination of denim and lace or linen...the utilitarian with the sweet.

I firmly believe in paying top dollar for a pair of jeans that makes you feel really good, and when I do splurge on jeans, I get my money's worth with all the times I end up wearing them. Over half the time, I wear dressed-up jeans (a cute top and pointy heels) to teach in. These People's Liberation jeans, however, were a bargain at Charlotte Russe. They're normally $108, on sale now for $29.99, as well as buy-one-get-one free. I'm no marketing expert, but my guess is that customers at Charlotte Russe don't normally go into that particular store planning to buy items at that high a price point and maybe that's why this upscale line has flopped there. But they're cute jeans and you should go snap some up if you're in the market...

After lunch downtown at Maria's earlier this week, Macauley and I browsed a few stores with my friend Sarah. I had never been to Indie, and I was pleasantly surprised to find cool clothes mixed with vintage furniture and smalls, a mini-mini-Anthro feel. I bought the divided tin drawer on half-price and would like to go back for a closer look. Good Girl Art Gallery is also a fun shop, with local art featured and lots of handmade clothes and jewelry as well as quirky gift items.

The scarf and hairpins are a birthday gift for my friend Steph. It's something different, so I hope she likes it. We're having friends over for a casual gathering tonight (I think I've counted 12 grown-ups and 13 kids) and I'm not going to stress over it, but I better get to my to-do list.


MickeyMFan said...

I love love love those lamps!! Those are too cute--and the jeans too. :) I may have to go see if I can snag a pair (or two).

I'm coming down to Spfld next weekend, but Mom and I are going down to Arkansas to see my brother and his family for his b-day. Hopefully I'll be down again before school starts this fall.

Christy said...

I love the lace blouse, where did u get it? Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, I enjoy seeing the pics of your house too, especially the patriotic stuff in your dining room.

Hayley said...

The lace blouse is from Forever 21, Christy...


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