16 July 2010

OK finds

Here's most of what I brought home from my trip to Oklahoma last weekend, minus a couple things. The most expensive purchase (and still not that expensive) was this drawer turned shelf. The 4 placemats were almost as much. Those both came from The Briar Patch in Talequah, another cute stop.

The ironstone pats and white platter (I needed a 6th one of those--perfect) are from Old Black Valley. The rest of the little treasures are from a fun, junky (super hot--no A/C) place in Muskogee called Copeland's, a name my parents associate with pecans from growing up. I don't think I spent more than $3 on any piece from there, and most were a dollar or less.

I also got a few things for my booth, which I need to pay a visit to today. No A/C there either!

1 comment:

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great finds, Hayley. I was just at STD earlier today, boy, was it HOT. My makeup just slid off my face. But I made a day of it, wore out the wheels on my car!


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