06 July 2010

Family 4th

We had a fun and busy holiday weekend, starting Friday with a party in the yard at the Wises' lake house, complete with a stage and a band and a late night dip in the lake. Then Saturday we were back home and my sister Lane and my parents were here to celebrate with us.

My dad treated us to dinner at Outback (we hadn't been there in forever and it was quite good) then we had Round 1 of fireworks in our yard with some of the neighbors.

This was Macauley's 2nd bag of fireworks, having gotten a small bag the day before and then a 3rd small bag the day after. He made them last, though, and we've still got a few waiting to be blown up today. Do all boys love explosives?

My parents had to get back to camp and left early on Sunday morning, but Lane got to stay through the evening and then left to work in Little Rock yesterday. Our new neighbors across the street had everyone over for a BBQ and Round 2 of fireworks Sunday night, with dads and kids setting stuff off everywhere you looked. We went to the pool for a bit but were otherwise pretty lazy after Lane left, so today I'm picking up the house and actually taking a shower to go to lunch with my friend Sarah before she leaves for a trip to Spain. Ryan has been sick and finally went to the doctor today. Diagnosis: bronchitis. He's coming home with codeine so I'll try to keep the house quiet so he can sleep it off. I can't believe it's already the first week of July...Summer, slow down.

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Karee said...

I sat and talked with her for 10 or 15 minutes when she came. And I could not help, but notice how much you two are alike! I could tell that you two are sisters. Speaking of sisters, Klarie has asked me everyday if I am going to babysit Macauley. I think we should arrange a little play date for them.


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