09 July 2010

In here, Tooth Fairy...

When my family was at our house last weekend, Macauley finally managed to wiggle out a tooth that had been loose for a while. You probably can't tell from the picture, but the empty space is to the right of his two front teeth, a space that 2 teeth need to grow into. Our dentist told me long ago to save for braces...those little kid faces and mouths just aren't ready for big people teeth. Since he was bunking up on the floor in the guest room with my parents so Lane could have his bed, major instructions had to be left for the tooth fairy, including a letter to identify Lane and a sign on the door of the room where he could be found.

The Tooth Fairy tracked him down, and despite the tiny tooth being enclosed in a plastic case and gripped tightly in his little hand under the pillow most of the night, she was able to exchange it for $2.

1 comment:

Karee said...

He was telling me he had a loose tooth, but he never showed me. How exciting! Tell him I love the signs he made for the tooth fairy I would have never thought to make some.


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