13 July 2010

Pheona's Vintage Market

I have been wanting to visit Pheona's Vintage Market, open the second Saturday of the month in teeny Billings, for a while now and just happened to get a chance to shop the sale this past Friday when Macauley and I rolled through town on our way to Oklahoma via Rogers. Such a sweet place with lots of treasures! The yard and the little cottage were full of lovely things at great prices. I saw many things I liked and came home with a rusty bucket plant stand and a metal soap dish. There were a few of these birdhouses and I wanted them all. Would a bird actually make a home in one if I put them in my backyard? I'd like for some to. Maybe they'll still have one or two next month. I'll definitely return to this sale, probably with Barb in tow!


Polly said...

How far is Billings from Springfield? We'll have to add that little shop to our list of places to visit when we are in Springfield visiting family next.

I love the cubbies and the little white nightstand!

Looks like fun, and you're lucky to have your son as a junking buddy!!


Pheona's Vintage Market said...

Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed speaking with you on Friday. Also, thanks for your post about Pheona's the pictures are great. We look forward to seeing and your son again soon. Sheila

Lisa said...

Oh great treasures!! Sorry I haven't been by in a while busy summer! I am glad you got tickets to see Jack! I know you will love it!
I saw you read The Sugar Queen! LOVE that book! She is my new favorite writer. I was lucky enough to hear her speak at Barnes & Noble in March and she is the sweetest lady. Her stories are so fun! Happy Summer reading!
Hugs, Lisa


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