15 July 2010

Roadside stop

We made a fun stop at this shop on our way back to Arkansas from Muskogee Sunday. So many goodies inside and out at great prices. I love any place that has a "shop kitty" and Calico was a charmer. Macauley frolicked with the stray puppy that had wandered up almost the whole time we were there.

This is what I need in my backyard. How do you get ivy to grow on a tree like that? Just lovely. I'll take the screen propped there, too. And the potting bench. And the old sink.

Inside the shop is full of lots of smalls, many grouped by theme and color. There's a cowboys/indians area, a vintage baby area, sewing/notions area, a book nook, a medicine cabinet. I especially liked the grouping of school-related items.

If you're cruisinig this direction, you should definitely stop in. Friendly place. Good stuff. And a shop kitty.

Black Valley Trading Post
15362 Old Highway 62
Talequah, OK 74464


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful write-up! That is my sister's place, and you did it proud.

Lovely blog you've got. I will be back.

Polly said...

Looks like another great stop you made!!

I got your note about Springfield. I would love to try to connect with you the next time we head out that way. My in-laws live there! We don't make it too often because of my obligations here, but we are due for a trip soon! Last time, we hit a ton of great antique malls! Leola's was closed so I didn't get to go there. My mother-in-law was still new to the area, so she hadn't found all shops yet! I'll let you know if we plan a trip!!


Barb said...

Visiting from Sandy's blog - she said this is her sis's shop. It looks so interesting. I like the way everything is grouped. I now know I'm vintage - I see a school photo that looks like my era! Nice photos!


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