17 July 2010

That Papa

When we got back to camp from Muskogee last Sunday, we found sweet kitty Katie on the porch and a mysterious sign on the door. On spiral notebook paper, my dad's unmistakeable handwriting read: Christmas in July.

We walked in to find gifts for all laid out Santa-fashion in the living room: a Huffy Cruiser for Nana, Wal-Mart gift cards and a photo for the sisters and their boys, and a Daisy BB gun for Macauley.

Having just asked the clerk for some gift cards and not looking to see what "theme" any of them were, Papa brought home Happy Birthday cards for the girls, a Congratulations Graduate card for Derek, an In Store Credit for Ryan and a Gas Card for Tyson. Oh well--they all work!

Macauley's note indicated the need for safety, instruction and supervision to go along with his first BB gun. We aren't hunters, and I've never been really comfortable around guns myself, but I have come to enjoy target shooting with Ryan and his dad. Papa showed Macauley the ropes a bit before he had to go back down to camp and work.

Super Papa. What a sweet surprise for all of us...Thanks, Dad.

Macauley put in a little pool time after the target shooting. The water felt perfect but I just put my toes in and read a little.

We even got to hold little Jackie, the new puppy of the couple that works for my parents at camp. She's a wiggly little one but a cutie. What a lucky boy...

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