18 July 2010

Scrap happy

After too much deliberation and too little doing, I actually did some scrapbooking yesterday. I'd been perusing all sorts of magazines looking for new ideas and techniques to get inspired, to the point that I was debilitated. Sometimes it's just better to jump in and do what you know rather than doing nothing at all. So I did. I found my box of rub-on letters and remembered why I liked them so much, and I broke in a great new tool I bought on ebay a while back. I've been saving any interesting tags from new clothes and recycling them into titles or embellishments for pages.

I kept most of the pages pretty simple; some are better than others. I'm loving my new Dymo Caption Maker, which has three interchangeable wheels with uppercase, lowecase and script fonts. It's a more sophisticated version of my Dymo Label Buddy (which is very like the label maker my Nanny had that all of us grandkids loved to use). I don't journal on my pages, but these little strips are great for dates or locations or a little caption you might want here or there. Hence the name...Caption Maker. These pages are for Macauley's 6-year-old scrapbook. I've still got a big pile of pictures for that one to scrap, but you do what you can do...He's at the pool so the house is quiet this afternoon. Maybe I'll do some more. Or I might be lazy and get in my bed and read/nap. All appealing choices.

1 comment:

MickeyMFan said...

I'm happy you've got some scrapbooking done. I've worked on quite a few pages over the summer, but I haven't posted any pics. I love those pages!


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