15 July 2010

She won

My school and community said goodbye and paid tribute to a beautiful woman who touched so many lives today. My heart hurts for the adorable little boys she leaves behind, but her family seemed comforted today to think that she is free from the pain of her cancer and on to something better. At the graveside, after the casket was carried from a regal horse-drawn carriage by several former Lady Chiefs (three who were my students and such beautiful, good girls--hurting so much), the officiant asked us all to fill the air with the applause and cheers this coach was used to hearing in the gym throughout her many victorious seasons. I've followed her story at http://stephsgonnawin.blogspot.com . Another beautiful tribute to a life cut short but certainly well-lived. Though it may be hard to come by, I wish for peace and comfort to this family...

Coach Stephanie Thurman Phillips
8 March 1974-10 July 2010


MickeyMFan said...

Mom called me and told me a few days ago that Stephanie had passed away. I tried to keep up with the blog as well but had not read anything in a couple of months or so. I was sad to hear that she passed on and left her beautiful family without a mother, but I know she is in a much better place now. Thanks for sharing this one.

Lisa said...

It is always hard for us left but so comforting to know that our loved one is no longer in pain. Lovely Post!
Hugs, Lisa

Karee said...

I am so glad I was able to go to the service, it was very nice. I thought that Cheryl Burnett did a very good job telling about Stephanie's love for the game. She made me tear up a few times. What hurts me the most was seeing Scot, Drew, and Levi sitting on the front row. Her boys are probably not going to remember her and it makes me so sad. I started to cry pretty hard when I saw Scot break down during the slide show. He lost his love and his best friend and that has got to be hard on him.


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