22 April 2009

The afternoon's harvest

The kids headed back to school around 12:30, so I left the farm and went towards my booth at STD to straighten up and get my check. I stopped at a couple of fleas on that side of town I'd never seen before, and I got a few things but don't know that I would make a trip back to them again. I also stopped at a random yard sale and got a project chair and chicken S&P for my booth and some mini dice for my shadowbox all for $1.10. The guy said, "We don't have anything priced, so if you see something, just ask." So I asked about the chair and he said, "That chair...I'll sell you that chair for 50 cents." I just thought it was funny. It had good curves to it and with the blue vinyl replaced with some shabby fabric, I think it could have potential. It went straight to the booth at a bargain price. I got the pink embroidered pillowcase pair for $1 at one of the fleas, along with the doilies, the little silver dish and the cute white pitcher. I got a lamp that I'm going to work on at another one. The lunchbox and little black clutch were at STD, both $2 each.

I've been on a linens kick lately and thought I could use the red, white and blue in a table setting this summer. I liked this kitty towels, and I think all of these pieces were about $2 each also.

I was excited to find a baggie full of metal letters (also $2, a trend today) but got home to find mostly just the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 8 and then a bunch of Bs and Is. I got the little divided drawer to put some of my cabinet card photos in and a couple of other linens.

Maybe it was the morning at the farm that drew me to these minis...I put them in my shadowbox. The E was 50 cents and is the start to the word NEST that I am tracking down. I just whiled away the afternoon and it was fabulous. I also got an unexpected call from Drury this afternoon asking me to teach an African-American Lit class for them this summer and maybe take on some other adjunct work in the future. I wouldn't want to teach high school and the college classes, too, so I've got a lot to think about this weekend...


trash talk said...

Love, love, triple love the little animals! Tutu cute. Debbie

MickeyMFan said...

WOW--that Drury thing sounds awesome! I'd love to take that class if you were teaching it. Maybe I could get online credit????? :)


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