07 April 2009

Love this more

Macauley got in big trouble last night for talking back and then out of the blue throwing the TV remote, so he went to bed "in the doghouse" so to speak. No books, no extended good night rituals, just a "go to bed and think about it" night. Later though, Ryan and I both felt bad or sad or something about the way we all called it a day, so Ryan went up to check on Mac and squeeze him a little bit. Macauley was sound asleep and had done the cutest thing: covered up his bed buddy Booker with a hand towel and gave Booker his extra pillow so he'd be more comfortable. Booker would so prefer to sleep in my bed with me, and he does about 50% or more of the time. You can see he was awake and wanting to run back downstairs with me when we peeked in, but he remained frozen in place so he didn't spill the towel. Such a sweet boy. On school nights, we try to get him to stay upstairs with Mac so Ryan and I can actually stretch our legs out or pull up the covers without having to pry them out from under a 90 lb. slumbering dog. So of course we regretted going to bed on bad terms even more after this cute little scene. But all was well in the morning.

Macauley had also asked to bring his lunch the next day and had started packing it himself while I was busy folding laundry or something. I made him a sandwich before I turned in for the night and when I went to put it in his little cow lunch box that Aunt Lindsay gave him, I found that he had already packed a CapriSun, a Scooby-Doo applesauce and an entire jar of Sweet Tiny Midgets pickles. I thought that was too adorable. I put a few in a baggie and had to explain to him today the several reasons I could think of that he couldn't take a jar of pickles to school, one being that glass would be dangerous if it broke, another that I didn't see him eating 25+ pickles on his lunch break and finally that I don't think he'd like to be that kid, the pickle kid. He just kind of shrugged like he still thought it would have been okay.

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Karee said...

Such a good dog to not move, that is so cute. I think that my brother would have taken a whole jar of pickles if he got the chance. Haha that is so cute.


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