22 April 2009

Day at the farm

I got to take the day off today to go on Macauley's kindergarten field trip to the Wilson-Ruttledge Farm here in town. We had a really good day.

There's a barn with a handful of animals, an old farmhouse and outbuildings and a playground that the kids just scrambled all over.

I was in charge of Macauley and his friend and neighbor Cole S.

The class attended a little presentation on farm animals and what they do for us and got to pet a goat and a mini horse named Bandit.

We mostly just had free time to play and explore. I know the sign was referring to the animals, but I thought it also fit for the scrambling kids...

I think I was even more enchanted by all the animals than the kids were...
I harbor a completely unrealistic dream of owning a couple of little goats, so Macauley had to drag me away from these.

Some of the animals weren't as eager to impress us or interact. Totally fine.

Like moths to a flame, so go boys to water...

I'm so glad Macauley has had a positive experience in kindergarten this year. I dread the day that teacher or another kid or something else squelches the love of school he has so far. I wonder which of these little faces will play a part in his life to come...who in this picture we'll be looking back with years from now saying, "Remember when..."

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